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DIY Products to Get Rid of Fleas & Stop Their Reoccurrence

Pets are adorable and the pet owners love to keep them around and in lap, patting and rubbing their silky fur. It is a happy story until you see your pet frantically scratching its body. If it does so again and again, it is time you examined its body completely. It is highly likely that you will find fleas clung and crawling on the skin of your beloved pet.

Remember: no pet is an exception to fleas, so the infestation can occur in cats and dogs alike. In fact, any furry pet is prone to fall victim to this agonizing infestation to pets and their owners. In this post, you will find surefire solutions for flea pest control. First of all, it is vital to know what fleas are so that you can implement a relevant solution to control these insects.  

What are Fleas?

Fleas are tiny, brown insects. They are parasites, so they require a host to feed for survival. These tiny, toothless vampires enjoy throwing ‘blood-drinking parties’ on their hosts which could be animals and humans, though they are more inclined to host on furry animals:

  • An adult flea measures 3 mm

  • Their growth is favored in warm and moist environment

  • They can’t fly but can make long jumps with the help of their powerful rear legs

  • They have strong claws which enable them to cling to their host firmly

  • They prefer living on furry animals and places like sofas and bedding

  • There are more than 2,500 discovered species

  • An adult flea can produce 50 eggs per day

  • The lifespan of a flea is 2 to 3 months

With these facts, you can realize the severity of what you are up against when you have to go for flea pest control.

Flea Pest Control Solutions

To get rid of fleas may seem a simple process; you sprinkle or spray the chemical and they will be gone. In fact, it is that simple, tricky part is the selection of relevant product. A flea goes through 4 different stages in its lifespan, i.e., egg, larvae, pupae and adult. Now every product is not effective at all stages. Therefore, you have to make a choice of product, which is relevantly effective for the stage in question. This is why these flea pest control products are available in various forms such as:

  • Traps and Baits

  • Foggers, Aerosols and Bug Bombs

  • Dust & Powders

  • Insect Growth Regulators (IGT)

Traps and Baits

As the names implies, a flea trap attracts these insects to trap or kill them. They are usually based on light, water or soapy material.   

Foggers, Aerosols, and Bug Bombs

They are canisters carrying insecticide. Their application is simple as you just push the button on the canister and it starts releasing the liquid in form of fog. As soon as you finish, leave the room shut for a few hours. The sprayed insecticide kills the fleas by suffocating them where they are. A great choice among the best foggers, aerosols and bug bombs is this aerosol available at solutionsstores.com.  

Dust and Powders

This flea dust is a great and environment-friendly solution to get rid of fleas. Just 1.5 ounce of this dust is enough to cover 50 square feet. Sprinkle it in cracks and crevices and where you suspect the presence of fleas. It will eliminate these tiny insects in a few applications.  

Insect Growth Regulators (IGR)

IGR is a chemical that slows down the lifecycle of fleas by interfering molting process in insects. IGR is effective against various insects. It also stops insects’ reproduction system, so it ultimately stops their further growth. This particular feature of an IGR makes it highly effective against the reoccurrence of infestation. Solutionsstores.com has some of the best insect growth regulators to offer on the market. You can try Pivot IGR and Archer IGR to stop this annoying pest infestation for good.

There are DIY products to deal with the problem, so choose one as per the situation you are facing and you will have a house and pets free of fleas.  


  • When you apply any of the solution, lock and leave the place immediately to avoid health hazards.

  • This precaution is not required in case of using dust or powder.

Cleaning Steps

When you return inside your house, vacuum every surface thoroughly and dispose of the vacuum bag. If it is a canister, rinse it well.  

Preventive Measures for Flea Pest Control

Undoubtedly, prevention is the best cure pertaining to flea pest control. The following tips will help you prevent their reoccurrence:

  • To nip in the bud, follow a proper cleaning and hygiene routine and apply a flea control product such as this one to keep your lovely pets free of fleas.

  • If you notice a sign of flea infestation in your pet or in some other way, take immediate flea pest control action considering relevant product such as a spray, fogger, etc.

  • If you have a lawn, apply insecticides regularly.

  • Seal the possible entrances of rodents.

  • If you have applied a treatment of killing rodents, find their dead bodies and dispose them. Those dead bodies can cause flea infestation.


Fleas keep multiplying their population every day throughout their lifespan. The only way to deal with them is to be proactive and implement flea pest control solutions with right products, for instance this product, and many others from solutionsstores.com. Application of these preventive measures and products will help you get rid of this tiny version of Dracula for good.


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