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Why It's Smart to Do DIY Pest ControlDIY pest control is easy!

When you have irritating pests like termites, cockroaches or rodents in the home, it can definitely be frustrating to deal with, especially when it comes to making a decision of what to do about it.You may not have the funds to plop down upwards of a $1000 dollars on an exterminator to treat your home. Then the thought crosses your mind, “Should I just do my own pest control?”

 The thought of doing DIY pest control can be intimidating for most homeowners especially when homeowners feel they do not have enough DIY skills to get the job done. Others shy away from DIY pest control because of the weariness of handling chemicals which can be harmful if not used in the proper manner. We at Solutions Pest & Lawn are here to tell you that “YES!” You can conduct successful DIY pest control and YES, it is easier than you think!

Do My Own Pest Control vs. Hiring an Exterminator

When entertaining the idea of DIY pest control, you may have scoured the internet in search of options and opinions. You may have found articles on how you can protect your home yourself with DIY pest control products with ease, often with household products you mix together. Those videos may look interesting but those homemade concoctions may be mediocre at best.

 On the other hand you may have also come across a number of blogs and articles--usually written by exterminators and professional pest control companies --advising you not to conduct DIY pest control. These type of sensational articles can be highly convincing and may leave you believing “I can’t do my own pest control. It’s way too risky”

Those anti-DIY pest control articles can indeed be intimidating: telling you how complex the procedure is, the margin for error is very high, don’t waste your money, the danger involved by handling toxic chemicals etc. Some of these pieces even go as far as telling you that DIY pest control will be a foolish and costly mistake and to leave it to the pros if you want it done right.

 These conflicting opinions can drive a homeowner nuts. We’re here to tell you that as much technical talk those sources throw at you to make it seem like you are in over your head if you decide to conduct DIY pest control, please take what those pest control companies say with a grain of salt because they have an agenda: to make money off of you.

What Professional Pest Control Companies Don’t Want You To know About DIY Pest Control

That fact of the matter is this: of course professional pest control service websites will write these type of articles. They want your money. They would rather you spend more money hiring them for their services than saving money by saying “I’m going to do my own pest control with DIY pest control products”

 Here’s another fact that the pest control exterminators will hate for you to know: It actually is fairly simple to conduct a DIY pest control treatment if you’re willing to put in just a little bit of work.

Whether you use a professional or do it yourself, the result is usually the same: the offending pest is no more. But the main difference is that by treating pests yourself with DIY pest control products you can save literally hundreds of dollars to thousands over professional pest control services.

 Solutions Pest and Lawn can help you every step of the way with professional grade DIY pest control products, wholesale pest control supplies and helpful DIY pest control advice that will instill the confidence in you to say “I can do my own pest control!”.

Why Professionals Discourage DIY Pest Control Treatments

These days, DIY pest control and the DIY industry, in general, has become all the rage with people with tv shows and videos online showing you just how easy it is to do things yourself around the home. This poses a threat to pest control companies who don’t want you to be self-sufficient and go out and buy professional grade DIY pest control products and do your own pest control. They want you to hire them for their services, even if you could easily use the same products they would use yourself and save yourself the labor costs.

With this being the case, it is no wonder that exterminators and pest control companies continuously urge you to enlist their services and do their best to discredit conducting DIY pest control.  There’s a whole lot of money in it for them to do so.

Debunking the Reasons Exterminators Say You Can’t Do DIY
Pest Control

Exterminators want you to believe that there is no other viable option than hiring them to eliminate those pesky critters or rodents that intrude upon your home.

They tell you that you aren’t qualified to handle a thorough pest inspection (you are), they tell you that the products you find at the big box stores and home improvement stores are mediocre and ineffective(they are), and they tell you that it’s a dangerous job that requires specialized training (it doesn’t)

The “You’re Not Qualified” Myth

Here’s the truth: YOU ARE qualified to handle a DIY pest control in your own home. Pest control companies try to use scare tactics telling you pest control is too technical and detail oriented a job when honestly, if you just have the right directions and tips and advice given to you in plain english, you can easily do your own inspections and treatments.

If you need any more help than that, Solutions Pest & Lawn can give you free pointers in how to conduct a respectable DIY pest control. Just call us over the phone and our experts, who have dealt with a variety of different pests and can walk you through an inspection, control and prevention program.

Don’t Use Products From Big Box Stores

Regarding the insecticide chemicals being inferior at department stores and home improvement stores like Walmart and Home Depot and other similar stores, they are actually right. Nearly all insecticides and pesticides carried by these stores are diluted chemicals that don’t deliver the same kick which insecticide concentrates have like the DIY pest control products we carry here at Solutions Pest & Lawn.

In fact, most pest control exterminators buy wholesale pest control supplies and chemicals we carry for their own pest control operations. To shop at Solutions Pest & Lawn, you don’t need a special license to purchase our termiticides.

Purchase the DIY pest control products yourself and do your own pest control and you’ll have cut out the most expensive and overrated part of hiring a professional exterminator: labor.

The “It’s a Dangerous Job” Myth

When pest control pros tell you that doing DIY pest control is a dangerous job, for the most part it is a bunch of hot air. If you are equipped with the basics in pest control safety equipment, you’ll be fine handling DIY pest control products.

At Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have pest control safety kits, goggles, gloves, masks, and other wholesale pest control supplies. Everything you could possibly need to stay safe, and they are cheap!

You can successfully carry out a DIY pest control treatment while geared up in this safety equipment without any complications.

In Conclusion: You Can Do Your Own Pest Control Treatments Yourself With Ease!

We hope this page helps you to realize that you shouldn’t always take what the pest control professionals tell you as absolute fact and also you should sell yourself short as totally incompetent or inept to handle a do my own pest control treatment.

If you’re like me, you like saving money, so why not go that route. Go shop our DIY pest control products now.

If you ever need DIY pest control treatment help, you can access our knowledgebase where you will find helpful how-to videos as well as articles on DIY pest control. You can also get in touch with us live as we’re available via phone (1800-479-6583), online live chat or email (askapro@solutionsstores.com)


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