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Target Pests


For Use In

Plots Garden Beds Rows of Trees Shrubs Flowers or other edibles at risk for deer browsing damage


Starting 15 inches from the edge of the landscaped area, apply a 20 inch wide band around the perimeter of the bed

Find where the deer are entering the property and apply 3 strips across the deer path, 5 feet apart

While Deer Scram consistently works for up to 60 days under normal summer conditions, be certain (especially during prolonged rainy periods) your valuable plants, shrubs and trees are safe by applying the product every 30 to 45 days. Follow the Application Instructions inside each container. Remember, Deer Scram is completely safe, and it never hurts to use a little more.

Coverage Area

25 lbs. will provide 1,440 linear feet of protective strips (protecting approx. up to a maximum of 27,900 square feet based on 18 in. strips)

Active Ingredient

Blood meal - 42%, Garlic - 4%, Red Pepper - 2.8% , Cloves - 1.5%

Deer Scram Professional 25 Lbs

Deer Scram Professional stimulates a strong fear-based response that scares deer by emitting an odor they associate with death. It repels deer before they begin browsing shrub, and eating plants and flowers. Ideal for Pest Control Operators, Landscape Professionals, Maintenance Professionals and Foresters, Grounds and Greens Keepers.

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