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Bed Bug Couch CoversBed bug Couch Cover

If you have a bed bug problem in your home, a big enough infestation can make your home, including your living room, virtually unlivable. Those blood-sucking parasites will be delivering bites aplenty and they can be frustrating to try to detect and eliminate because they are such great hiders. You could be sitting on your couch trying to enjoy a movie with your family and loved ones and they can make the entire experience miserable by feating on your blood and then crawling into a crack or crevice into your couch before you can even notice that you have itchy bites all over you.

You don’t have to wrack your brain over how to get rid of them from your couch anymore because Solutions Pest and Lawn has a solution for your bed bug living room woes: bed bug couch covers! We carry some of the best bed bug couch covers available on the market which you can use to cover your sofa and other pieces of furniture to deter bed bugs.

Getting rid of bed bugs may seem like an insurmountable task but you can easily do-it-yourself by implementing an effective control strategy and possessing the right products to keep bed bugs away. Even the EPA states that it is very possible that you can perform do-it-yourself bed bug control successfully. Please don’t hesitate to check out our main bed bug control page for other high-quality bed bug products, which includes our bed bug mattress covers.

Benefits of Using Bed Bug Furniture Covers

  • Bed bug covers create a special barrier for your furniture that keeps bed bugs out and keeps existing bed bugs on your furniture in. When you have a bed bug infestation on your couch or sofa, bed bug couch covers keep all stages of a bed bug population--the adult, the nymph and the egg-- within the zippered cover, trapping them. They are basically entombed preventing them getting the sweet blood they need and they will eventually die. At the same time, these encasements prevent new infestations by taking away those nooks and crannies that bed bugs use for hiding.

  • Bed bugs usually focus their attention on where we sleep, but if they find it necessary to gather elsewhere, they will. Outside of the bed, couches and sofas are where we relax and rest the most so naturally they’d follow us there too and create an infestation in your living room.

  • Second-hand furniture found at thrift stores or even cast aside outdoors is a common way for bedbugs to enter your home. This shouldn’t discourage you from seeking out a deal to buy used furniture but it’s best to thoroughly check them before bringing them into your home and then taking the proper precaution for the comfort of you and your family by encasing them in a bed bug couch cover.

  • Bed bugs stick out like a sore thumb on our white or cream colored bed bug covers. This makes detection and disposal of bed bugs much easier since they have nowhere to hide.

  • Buying bed bug couch covers can save you money over time because it will spare you the task of ridding your old infested sofa or couch and having to shell out the money to replace it with brand new furniture.

  • On top of protecting you from bed bug invasions, Bed bug couch covers also protect your furniture from dust, pollen, mold, dander, dust mites and other common allergens.

Tips For Using Bed Bug Couch Covers

  • Bed bug covers shouldn’t be used on its own as a form of controlling bed bugs, but rather it should be a supplement to a well thought-out bed bug control plan.

  • Make sure to follow the directions in properly installing the bed bug couch covers so that there are not any gaps or openings. A very tiny hole is enough for a bed bug to crawl in and out of the covers, rendering it ineffective.

  • It is vital to keep cats and other animal with sharp claws away from your bed bug couch covers. If you feel it is necessary, add an additional cover to place over the original cover for added protection. If rips or tears occur in the cover due to pets clawing at your couch, the couch cover will defeat its purpose and be wasted.

Browse our products below and if you have any questions or concerns regarding these products, feel free to contact us via email at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call our phone line and speak to a live representative at (800) 479-6583 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How to Treat For Bed Bugs Found In Your Furniture

Bed bugs may have gotten their name because of their tendency for hanging around beds and mattress where their favorite human food source is sleeping to get their blood meal. However, that doesn’t mean that beds are the only places bed bugs frequent. Bed bugs are also known to reside and hide in all types of furniture like sofas and couches. If it’s anywhere a person can lay their head down to sleep, bed bugs will be there.


If you believe these blood sucking bed bugs are crashing on your couch, it would be best for you to inspect and treat that piece of furniture immediately. Throwing out the piece of furniture will not be the end to your bed bug problem as they will still be stragglers that would just move to other parts of your home and hide, waiting to strike the next time you sleep. Furniture bed bug treatments usually involve a combination of chemicals as well as protective couch covers and traps to discourage bed bugs from hiding in an item and to wipe out the bed bug infestation and save your couch.


Killing Bed Bugs Hiding In Upholstered Furniture

Bed bugs hiding in upholstered furniture are quite difficult to control because bed bugs can easily nuzzle themselves deep into the cushions or body of the furniture where they can be tough to reach.


Unfortunately, in these cases steam cleaning is not effective is these types of furniture because it is usually quite difficult to get the steam to penetrate deep enough through the upholstery to kill bed bugs hiding in the crevices of the couch.


Among our recommendation besides using a couch cover to entomb bed bugs which kill result in killing bed bugs via starvation because they cant escape the encasement for a blood meal, you can also use it in tandem with Nuvan Prostrips which are one of the best ways to get rid of bed bugs.


Nuvan Prostrips contains Dichlorvos or DDVP Vapona which stands for Dichlorovinyl Dimethyl Phosphate an Organophosphate that has been used as a pesticide for decades and have been a part of bed bug killing programs for as long. Nuvan works by blocking neurotransmitters in the bed bug leading to paralysis and eventually killing the bed bugs completely. Nuvan prostrips are designed to be used in enclosed spaces making it perfect for upholstered furniture.


If you choose to go this route we recommend sealing Nuvan Prostruips strips into a large bag with your upholster furniture. It is very important to keep in mind that DDVP is a pesticide and can absolutely be dangerous to human health. For this reason it is crucial that you read all the instructions that comes with Nuvan Prostrips and carefully follow all guidelines. If you have pets or small children please consult your vet your pediatrician to make sure you are correctly following all procedures necessary to ensure their health. If for any reason you don’t feel safe using Nuvan prostrips in your home, we highly recommend heat treatment as a safe non-toxic alternative. If heat treatment isn’t an option for you, it might be best to simply dispose of the furniture.


Steps to Treat for Bed Bugs in Upholstered Couches and Furniture

1. Remove the cushions if your furniture has removable cushions. Vacuum any visible bed bugs you see (make sure to remove the bag and dispose of it afterwards)

2. Encase your entire couch in a large plastic furniture bag.

3. Apply the Nuvan Prostrips to the bagged couch according to the safety instructions on the package labels. We recommend using gloves when handling Nuvan Prostrips because you do not want it to come into contact with your skin.

4. Tightly seal the bag after application of the Nuvan Prostrips.

5. Leave the couch or piece of furniture sealed for the duration of at least a week. At this point the bed bugs will have been killed by the strips.


Killing Bed Bugs In Non-Upholstered Furniture

Fortunately, if your couch does not have upholstery, treating the piece of furniture for bed bugs is not as difficult because of that fact that you do not have to worry about bed bugs hiding in the fabric. However, bed bugs can still be found hiding in the corners, cracks and crevices. In such cases, heat treatment via a steam cleaner or bed bug steamer is a great way to get rid of the bed bugs,  using the heat to kill bed bugs in those hard to reach spots in your couch. Heat treatment should be looked at as the primary method of killing bed bugs hiding in your sofa or couch with some supplementary bed bug treatment options.


If you have a bigger budget to kill bed bugs, we recommend Bugstop Hot House Furniture Bag which can give your couch a thorough heat treatment which will kill bed bugs dead. As an alternative you can also treat your furniture with heat and get rid of bed bugs with Packtite 2 Bed Bug Killing Heat System.

Steps to Treat for Bed Bugs in Non-Upholstered Couches and Furniture

1. Do a thorough vacuuming of your couch. Be sure to vacuum in all the cracks and crevices and the undersides of any drawers, as well as any other areas of the furniture. If  possible to dismantle the furniture (for example removing the drawers, unscrewing any chair legs) then do so and vacuum all exposed areas revealed.

2. As an optional method of bed bug control, apply diatomaceous earth in cracks and crevices.  We carry Alpine Dust Insecticide. If there happen to be joints in the furniture that have gaps, apply some diatomaceous earth to those gaps without making the furniture look unsightly.

3. It may be a good idea to also put Alpine dust (diatomaceous earth) in the bottoms of drawers. This is helpful just in case any bed bugs manage to get into drawers. Diatomaceous earth is a fine chalky, powder, so this can be rather messy. But if the items you are placing into the drawers are sealed in plastic bags, the diatomaceous earth won’t get on them.

4. If you can caulk any cracks and crevices without making the furniture unsightly, then go ahead and do so. This will prevent any bed bugs from finding extra hiding spots.

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