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CoastalMister Mosquito Misting SystemCoastalMister System

Are you sick and tired of trying various methods to get rid of mosquitoes and having them fail time and time again? Maybe it is time you try a serious solution to your mosquito control woes by getting yourself a mosquito misting system for your home from CoastalMister. Solutions Pest & Lawn is proud to carry the CoastalMister™ Mosquito Mister System.

Mosquitoes can make it a pain to be outside and enjoy your own yard, but thankfully with the help of a CoastalMister mosquito misting system, you can do away with mosquitoes and enjoy the fresh air and space of your yard without worrying about being bitten and without the fuss of gearing up and spending valuable time spraying chemicals around your property.

What Is CoastalMister?

The CoastalMister Mosquito Misting System is a reliable high-quality automatic misting system that’s built and programmed for the convenience of a homeowner or property owner who wants to eliminate mosquitoes without wanting to put in the labor of DIY mosquito control applications and sprayings.

The CoastalMister can be set to a gentle routine misting which won’t be distracting or annoying. The CoastalMister sprays a low dosage of mosquito misting concentrate at various pre-programmed times of the day to ensure constant coverage and protection of your property from the presence of blood sucking mosquitoes without being invasive.

Most conventional means of mosquito control, whether done manually or by hiring an exterminator can be very costly and ineffective since these treatments are conducted every few weeks or months. As a result, the efficiency of the application is reduced over time, especially due to rainfall, which is often when you need mosquito protection the most since mosquitoes love to come out in droves after it has rained.

With CoastalMister, you will get a constant treatment of effective mosquito killing concentrate and you can set it at times that you won’t be outside so it won’t bother you. There’s no need to have you, your family and your pets cooped up in the house for hours, waiting for the harsh chemical odor to subside. Since the CoastalMister sprays a low dosage, you can enjoy your yard comfortably any time.

Browse our selection of mosquito misting products from CoastalMister below. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-479-6583 or email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Why Buy These Products


As a proud CoastalMister dealer, we can assure you here at Solutions Pest & Lawn that CoastalMister is proven to work greatly to remove mosquitoes, ticks or any other problem insects you have on your property.


The CoastalMister Mosquito Misting System can effectively kill mosquito infestations and get rid of large mosquito swarms which like to come out in the evening time, making it difficult to enjoy lounging on your patio or even cracking a door or a window for fear that mosquitoes will start swooping in and being an irritation.


CoastalMister’s Convenient Features


  • *Continuous Coverage & Protection
    The CoastalMister™ sprays a low dosage at multiple pre-planned times each day providing continuous coverage and protection without being invasive.

  • *Designed for Your Family’s Safety & Comfort
    Other pest control methods keep your children and pets indoors. The low dosage of the CoastalMister™ program allows you to enjoy your yard anytime.

  • *Customized for Your Home & Needs
    Solutions Pest & Lawn’s experts work with you to customize a misting system that best suits your needs as well as the look and feel of your home.



CoastalMister Mosquito Misting Systems are usually put up by professional installers or a dealer, but you’re a DIYer! CoastalMister misting systems are actually quite easy to install by yourself and once you’ve decided on a system that will best suit your property, you can access our knowledge base for information on installation or even better, talk live to a specialist over the phone who will assist you during the installation process and walk you step-by-step with helpful guided instructions until the CoastalMister is successfully installed in your home. Our customer support team is experienced with CoastalMister installations and have worked with CoastalMister a long time so we can give you all the necessary help you seek. Check out our simple steps below on how to best use a Coastal Misting System Misting system:


CoastalMister Mosquito Misting System Best Practices:


Step 1: Take note of the times when there is high mosquito activity. Knowing the key hours that mosquitoes are present will help you to determine the best time to apply your mister so the mosquito misting system achieves the maximum control. Dusk and dawn are usually the best times to mist.


Step 2: Install the misting system of your choosing to your home according to the instructions provided with the product. Read the labels carefully. As we said, you can contact us if you are in need of any detailed assistance.


Step 3: Program your CoastalMister. Our misting systems are controlled by a digital timer with a remote control. These digital timers are very easy to use, highly reliable, and include a backup battery in case of power failure. When using the remote control, you are able to initiate an unscheduled mist, turn the system on, and turn the system off.

From then you would just need to maintain the equipment which our specialists can also help you with tips on servicing your CoastalMister system to make sure that it runs flawlessly and lasts long. Whether you need to refill the mosquito misting system or there’s a leak, the electronic components of the CoastalMister system will let you know what it needs service on and you can easily execute what needs to be done. If you’re ever in need of assistance, we’ll be standing by to help you when you call us or email us and have the parts and refills you need here at SolutionStores.com for your convenience.

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