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Bed Bug VacuumsBed Bug Vacuums

In the battle against bed bugs, some for the go-to staples for bed bug control are sprays and dusts. However, there are some other methods that can speed up the process when it comes to controlling and reducing the bed bug population in your home, like a bed bug vacuum.

When you have a heavy infestation of bed bugs, a bed bug vacuum can make life and your control program a whole lot easier by conveniently sucking up and disposing of those problem pests. While some may feel that their regular home vacuum may do a job, it in fact is not the same as these vacuums are specially designed for the purpose of eradicating a bed bug infestation.

A regular home vacuum is geared toward picking up dirt and debris. Also, bed bug vacuums can get to hard to reach places that conventional vacuums cannot get to, deep in the nooks and crevices of beds and furniture that bed bugs love to retreat to when they know that they aren’t wanted. Bed bug vacuums can get to places where sprays and dusts cant always reach and that is why it can make for an important instrument in your bed bug control program.

Here are a few more special features that the bed bug vacuums we carry can offer:

Hose Attachments

When it comes to reaching bed bugs, our special hose attachments on our vacuum cleaners are amazingly effective. They are adjustable, giving you total control wherever you are vacuuming and can help you to reach the tightest of spaces where bed bugs love to hide. These hoses are not only great for taking care of bed bug infestations, but any infestation of a common household pest like cockroaches and other insects.

Removable Containers

As we said earlier, regular vacuums are meant for sucking up dirt and debris. The bags and containers where the debris is stores are meant to stay static, they don’t have the capacity to contain living things which move. And so regular vacuums containers and bags carry the risk of bed bugs escaping the container. Bed bug vacuums come with specially made containers which have bed bugs in mind and thus have a fool-proof tight container where if bed bugs have been sucked up by the vacuum they will not be able to escape. These containers can then be disposed of easily. A bonus with using these containers is that they are large enough to handle infestations of any size, and can even be used more than once before needing replacement.

HEPA Filtration

For those worried about allergies or bad air quality, our bed bug vacuums have a special HEPA filtration system which can catch 99% of all bacteria, dusts and insect remains, leaving nothing behind but quality clean air. This will give homeowners the peace of mind they need knowing that the bacteria and and bug droppings that get sucked into the vacuum will stay there and not permeate the air.

Tackle Your Bed Bug Problem With the Right Equipment

Bed bugs can be quite a headache to deal with in the home and they are infamous for being extremely difficult to get rid of. Bed bugs don’t give up without a fight but that doesn’t mean that you should lay down and let them win. If you are serious about getting rid of those blood sucking bed bugs, you need to equip yourself with the right equipment and empower yourself with the knowledge and bed bug killing techniques to get the job done right. At Solutions Pest and Lawn, we aim to deliver on both fronts: providing you quality professional grade products and free advice and tutorials so you have the ability to do-it-yourself with confidence. Check out our extensive knowledge base and how-to videos or speak to a live expert over the phone by calling (800) 479-6583 our staff is eager to assist you with whatever you need.


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