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Bed Bug Traps Bed Bug Control Traps

When assembling an effective bed bug control program, naturally you’d have your sprays and your dusts as a part of your weaponry to kill those blood-suckers, but another great tool that could help clear an infestation and put an end to those itchy bites are bed bug traps. While some people may think traps are meant only for rodents like rats and mice, the truth is that bed bug traps have proven to be a great complement in a bed bug control program.

Solutions Pest and Lawn carries among the best types of bed bug traps which come in a variety of designs and styles.

Bed Post Traps

The main way that bed bugs make it onto our beds to torture us with their annoying bites are through climbing bed posts. Bed post traps are designed to be placed under the four bed posts that support your bed to snatch them at their main point where they move to and fro from the bed. They appear in the form of a hollowed out dish with an outer and an inner wall. The function of the outer wall prevents any bugs on the carpet or floor from climbing up the bedposts into the mattress. The purpose of the inner wall is to capture any bugs that may be attempting to move from the bed to the floor or carpeting. These bed posts traps are made out of a tough plastic which makes it practically impossible for the blood-suckers to escape once they have fallen into the valley created between the inner and outer walls.

Bed Post traps make for a very convenient cleanup. Simply take the trap full of dead bugs and toss it into the trash. While these traps are quite effective in catching mobile bed bugs that move on and off the bed, it isn’t effective in eliminating the beds that remain on the mattress and box spring. But thankfully, that’s where the other important components of a bed bug program can come into play: sprays and dusts.

Bed Bug Monitors

The tough thing about bed bug control and having a bed bug arsenal is that they can be hard to detect and sometimes those bites that you’re getting might not even be bed bugs, but rather a different insect like fleas or spiders. When you’re getting bitten at night in the dark, identifying the culprit makes things even more difficult because it’s dark. Utilizing a bug-attracting pheromone which lures bugs in, there is a sticky substance inside the monitor which traps the offending bug so once a few have been caught you can observe the bugs and be able to confirm exactly what type of bug you are dealing with and what your next step will be to control the pests.

CO2 Traps

CO2 traps are the most advanced trap of the three types of traps we offer. The trap contains carbon dioxide, which is what we as humans exhale with each breath. The bugs are drawn to this and use it as a way to detect humans to feast on. This is another reason why we are so vulnerable to bed bugs while sleeping because of the breathing we do as we are sleeping. These traps possess a special mixture of carbon dioxide which are easily detected by bed bugs and lures them to the trap which is similar to the bed post bed bug traps that we also carry.

Why Bed Bug Traps Are So Effective

Bed bug traps are a solid addition to a full bed bug control program because they capture bed bugs who are on the move and traveling around your home. The bed bug traps which can be places under bed posts, table legs have the ability to trap a large number of bed bugs who move from place to place or have been avoiding spray treatments. If you can’t get them one way, you’ll be certain to get them the other way and that’s why bed bug traps should be an essential part of your bed bug control methods.

Do you want more information on bed bug control and simple-to-follow how-to guides so you could do-it-yourself with confidence? Check out our extensive knowledge base and videos or you can get a live expert to talk to who will guide you over the phone --FOR FREE. Email us at askapro@solutionsstores.com or call us at (800) 479-6583. We hope to hear from you soon and get you the help you need.


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