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Bed Bug Killing Sprays

Bed bugs love to hide in cracks and crevices that it is hard to find them or reach them to carry out control measures. One of the best solutions for tackling a bed bug infestation is utilizing a solid bed bug killing spray. This is because bed bug sprays can get into those little nooks and crannies that we can reach, making the execution of a bed bug control and prevention plan a whole lot easier. There are many different types of bed bug killer sprays out there on the market, but some are better than others. It’s important that when committing to a DIY bed bug control program you don’t skimp on quality by buying cheaply manufactured and formulated sprays which you’d likely find at big box stores.

Solutions Carries the Best Bed Bug Sprays Available

Our warehouse is stocked with only high-quality, top-of-the-line, most effective bed bug killing sprays on the market. These are the same chemicals and sprays that bed bug exterminators use when hired to conduct a treatment job. Pest control experts swear by these products for bed bug extermination, and you can get them from us and save a bundle. Keep in mind that there are different types of bed bug sprays available which have different functions and purposes. We’ll share with you a little about them below.

Types of Bed Bug Killing Sprays:

Insecticide Sprays

Insecticide sprays are the go-to when carrying out a bed bug treatment program. These bed bug killing sprays have the ability to not only kill bed bugs on contact but also can destroy any eggs that have not hatched, preventing a new generation of invaders from trying to take over.

Most bed bug insecticide sprays contain a popular chemical in the pest control industry called Pyrethroids. While this is a synthetic chemical, it has been proven to be safe to use as long as the sprays are applied according to instructions. We recommend when using insecticide sprays to apply to your bed and other affected areas in the morning so the product has time to dry and create a residual effect that bed bugs can come into contact with.

However there have been studies coming out which states that bed bugs are growing increasingly resistant to pyrethroid based sprays or avoiding them completely, lessening their effectiveness. That’s why we also carry alternative insecticide sprays which don’t have pyrethroids which do a great job of controlling bed bugs,.

A couple of the most popular and most effective bed bug spray insecticides that we sell are Temprid Ready Spray and Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Killer among others which offer the power necessary to annihilate even the most stubborn of bed bug nests.

Repellent Sprays

In contrast to insecticide sprays which are designed to kill bed bugs, repellent sprays are geared more towards keeping bed bugs away. Repellent sprays are especially convenient when traveling as typically bed bugs usually invade luggage and clothing in hotels and other areas where many people are residing in close quarters.

Repellent sprays also have the benefit of typically being made 100% from natural ingredients, making it okay to spray without worry on your luggage and clothing during travel.


bed bug spray

Bed Bug Spray and Aerosol

Purchasing the correct bed bug spray for your bed bug treatment needs will help you do the DIY job of killing and controlling bed bugs right the first time. Some of our featured recommended bed bug control products for killing bed bugs effectively are Phantom, Bedlam and Sterifab. In addition to bed bug sprays, Solutions Pest & Lawn also offers bed bug dusts, bed bug insect growth regulators and also Bed Bug Mattresses for a highly effective bed bug control.


When bed bugs invade a home, it can be a complicated problem. Since the insects often hide in furniture or in other areas, they may not be easy to find and identify. After identifying the insects, it can be hard to completely eliminate them, without the proper professional bed bug sprays. Although there are some challenges associated with bed bugs, it is possible to control them and prevent them from infesting the entire house.


What to do Prior to Using Bed Bug Sprays


Before taking any measures to spray the infested area, clean up the room and remove any clutter from the infested area. If the bed bugs are in the bedroom, then remove the bedding and wash it in hot water, dry it at the highest temperature possible. While the bedding is being cleaned, use a vacuum cleaner to remove as many of the pests as possible from the bed, bed frame and box spring.

You will need to completely exam the box spring and mattress, flip them over and remove box spring lining to check deep inside the box. Clutter should be removed from the infested area. If it remains, then the insects can hide in the clutter and may be harder to eliminate. Pick up everything off the floors and if you suspect the bed bugs have made their way into the closet you will have to deal with the contents.


Use a Bed Bug Labeled Spray


Bed bug spray is available for different goals and concerns. For example, an environmentally friendly repellent is a good choice for individuals who are traveling and may be concerned about bringing bed bugs to a home from a hotel. By spraying the repellent over personal luggage and clothing before leaving the hotel, it is possible to limit the risk of bed bugs invading a personal home.

Many sprays are designed to inhibit the growth of bed bugs or kill them. Use the spray according to the instructions and spray it over the infested area. The spray can help kill the insects, but it may not kill all of the bed bugs. A good non-repelling aerosol spray is appropriate for use in the cracks and crevices and will work well for long term control. There are sprays such as Sterifab, that can be sprayed directly on furniture and mattress and box spring, has no reapplication restrictions and so can be applied daily if needed.

Since bed bugs can hide in unexpected areas, it is important to spray the bed, the bed frame, any carpeting that is near the bed or areas where the insects may hide throughout the room. In some cases, the pests will hide in the couch or in a chair, so it is important to identify the infested area before the insects can spread. Cover the mattress and box spring with an appropriate cover before replacing the clean bedding.  Bed Bug Spray will be necessary to apply to the headboards and night stands in the bedroom that has the bed bug infestation.

Eliminating bed bugs does not necessarily meant that a homeowner must use harsh or dangerous chemicals. Most bed bug sprays require little active ingredients in the spray and work for long periods of time. There are environmentally friendly options that can be sprayed over the infested area to eliminate the insects and ensure that the bed bugs cannot spread through the house. Remember that bed bug treatment and control success will be greatly dependent on the product used and the thoroughness of application.


Where To Spray For Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations in the home are among the most frustrating and the most difficult pest issues to overcome. Unfortunately, bed bug eradication isn’t a speedy process no matter what approach you take. What is considered the best way to get the bed bugs eliminated as promptly as possible is by hiring an experienced bed bug exterminator to treat your home and take out the infestation.


However, this option is often very expensive and you may not have the budget to comfortably shell out the money for an exterminator. A money-saving option may be to attempt to do bed bug control the DIY way.


The trick to be successful in conducting DIY bed bug control is to not skimp on the control products. You have to use the professional quality insecticides or else you are just wasting your money because the cheap stuff hardly ever does the job in killing the whole bed bug infestation. With the right products at your disposal and some patience and a diligent attitude, it is possible for you to successfully get rid of the bed bugs in your home.


The Benefits of Bed Bug Sprays


There are a number of effective products available today at Solutions Pest & Lawn which can successfully get rid of bed bugs.  These are the same products the professionals use when hired to conduct a home treatment made available for you to purchase and use yourself without the need for licenses or certification.  


Among the best bed bug killing products that are out there on the market, perhaps the most sought after products to eliminate bed bugs are professional bed bug sprays. At Solutions Pest & Lawn we carry a number of different varieties of bed bug sprays which come in different forms. The two main forms are: liquid insecticide concentrates designed to kill bed bugs which you dilute with water and use in a handheld pesticide sprayer and bed bug aerosol sprays.


Bed bug sprays are an important part of the bed bug control program because they most are able to kill bed bugs on contact, have a long lasting residual that keeps on killing long after application, and they usually have a great reach with the help of a thin applicator tip which can spray insecticides into tight cracks and crevices of various items of furniture, the prime hiding spots for bed bugs.


Some of the best bed bug sprays we recommend when treating your home for bed bugs include Flex 10-10 Insecticide, which is a concentrate you should mix in a pump sprayer which we have available for you to purchase as well. As far as aerosol bed bug sprays go, we recommend Pyrid Aerosol. This is a natural spray which contains pyrethrin so it's safe to use and it can be used for treating a large number of other common household pests, more than 70 on the label are acknowledged.

However, even if you are using the best bed bug sprays and products available, they’re not going to work well if you don’t use them properly. Whether you are an experienced DIYer or someone just starting out, it’s critical that you read, understand and follow pesticide label directions.

It’s also important that you educate yourself about bed bug biology, behavior, where bed bugs harbor or hide and the places where your application of bed bug spray insecticides should be made to achieve the best possible results in bed bug control.


What are you waiting for? Start adding the best bed bug sprays to you cart!


Start With A Good Bed Bug Inspection bed bug inspecting a mattress

Sprays are ineffective if you are applying them in the wrong places. You have to attack bed bugs where they are hiding and this can’t be done without first inspecting your room and home to see where the bed bugs are concentrated.


When inspecting we recommend having a flashlight as well as using a vacuum to suck up any live bed bugs you see during the inspection. A flashlight is necessary for you to see dark and hidden areas where bed bugs are trying to hide and stay out of sight.


When doing this, you can make note of the prime areas where you saw bed bug activity as well as their droppings and remnants which indicate where they like to congregate the most.


Remember, bed bugs prefer hidden and undisturbed areas which may be difficult to access for treatment so you may need to disassemble furniture and beds to gain access to hidden areas where bed bugs are hiding.


Primary and Secondary Treatment Areas for Bed Bugs


One of the best ways to go about an inspection is to divide treatment areas into two classifications: primary and secondary treatment areas. Primary areas are the main spots in the home where bed bugs live and hide. Bed bugs like to live close to their blood meal (we, the humans) so wherever we lay our heads to sleep, that is where they are and thus, this areas where we sleep are primary treatment areas where you must apply bed bug sprays.


Secondary treatment areas are those areas where the bed bug would be likely to be if there is a sizable infestation and there is no further room for bed bugs to hide and reside in the primary areas so they travel to the secondary areas.


Primary areas include:primary location for inspection

  • The mattress

  • box spring

  • bed frame

  • Headboard

  • luggage racks


Secondary areas include:

  • Nightstands

  • Chairs

  • luggage areas

  • Baseboards

  • Sconces

  • electrical areas

  • wall decor (artwork, picture frames etc)

  • Curtains

  • Carpets and rugs


These areas are what should be focused upon when using bed bug aerosol sprays and insecticidal concentrates. Repeated treatments should be conducted every 10-14 days until the bed bug activity has ceased and bed bugs are no longer found. For preventative measures after the bed bugs have been control, these same primary and secondary areas should be treated at least once or twice a year.


Additional Tips on Spraying For Bed Bugs


  • While beds are naturally the primary locations for bed bugs and the main places to treat, it should be mentioned that any room where people sleep may be a hotspot for bed bugs and would thus be regarded as a primary treatment area. Sofas in the living room or sofa beds would be one example of a primary area for bed bug infestations that isn’t a bed in the bedroom.

  • Read label directions and observe safety recommendations for bed bug sprays so that you apply them properly and in a safe manner. When it comes to Only use what you need for treatment and use what you mix.

  • While bed bug spraying is one of the primary treatment methods to control bed bugs in the home, it shouldn’t be the only treatment method. We recommend also using bed bug dusts and traps as a supplementary measure to treat for bed bugs in these same areas to achieve the best possible results in achieving total bed bug control.

  • Applying liquid sprays to electrical areas is not recommended, however you can use insecticidal dusts or bed bug powders such as D-Fense Dust and apply them to wall outlet areas and even beyond by unscrewing the face plate and dusting.

  • Following application of bed bug sprays and products to the treatment areas listed above, we strongly suggest protecting your sleeping areas from future bed bug outbreaks by placing your mattress and box springs in bed bug encasements. CleanRest PRO Boxspring Encasement and Clean Brands Pro Mattress Bed Bug Cover are terrific bed bug encasement which you can use as they do a good job of killing bed bugs that may have been left behind in the bed or boxspring as well as take away hiding places for any potential bed bugs in the future.

  • It’s important to be thorough when it comes to treating your room with sprays–all cracks and crevices around windows, outlets, blinds, pictures, posters and clocks on walls, baseboards, under edges of carpets and any other crevices or void areas in the room. Remember that immature bed bugs are very small. Dozens of bed bugs can hide in small areas where screw holes are recessed or in corners of bed frames or even in the carpeting and rugs. Therefore, it’s vital to not overlook any possible hiding spots.

  • Systematically examine and treat all primary treatment areas (beds, bed frames, dressers, chairs, couches, nightstands, etc.)  As stated earlier, furniture should be taken apart, drawers and cushions should be removed in order to inspect and apply bed bug sprays to every nook and cranny.  After spraying, return treated furniture to the part of the room that has been treated. We highly recommend not to reintroduce any furniture or items to the treated room until those items have been individually inspected, sanitized and treated with insecticides.


Ships Same DayThings To Consider Regarding Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are among the toughest and frustratingly difficult common household pests to control. When you come down with an infestation, some methods of controlling bed bugs may fall flat because they develop a resistance to certain chemicals or are smart enough to avoid treated areas while still remaining in your home or building. 

The key to DIY bed bug control is through the willingness to learn about bed bug habits and tendencies, persistence on your part and equipping yourself with the best tools and products needed to eliminate them and arming yourself with the knowledge and know-how of experts.

Solutions Pest and Lawn can help to empower you with the knowledge and resources to create an effective bed bug treatment and control plan for you. Check out our knowledge base for simple-to-follow how-to guides and videos or you can get a live expert to talk to who will guide you over the phone with an effective treatment plan--FOR FREE. Email us at
askapro@solutionsstores.com or call us at (800) 479-6583. We hope to hear from you soon and get you the help you need.

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