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Bed Bug Control KitBed Bug Control Kits

When dealing with a bed bug problem in your home or property, trying to find just one single item and hoping it will eliminate those blood-suckers may be a bit ambitious of a hope. If you really want to get rid of bed bugs with an effective bed bug control method, you are going to need to have a multi-layered approach by equipping yourself with an arsenal of products that will attack bed bugs from every angle. In fact, expert have declared that conducting one single action as a method of control will not deliver results. That is why we here at Solutions Pest and Lawn have put together professional-grade bed bug kits to control bed bugs.

Our bed bug kits feature the best bed bug control products available on the market, the same products used by pest control professionals. You will not find these products at your local WalMart or other department store, and you especially won’t find them bundled up in an ultimate bed bug killing package. Each one of our kits comes with precise instructions which explain exactly how and where to apply the products and on top of that you can access our knowledge base for how-to guides and step-by-step tutorials related to the specific kit you purchase. Our kits have guaranteed success rate when customers follow the instructions properly, are patient throughout the process, and follow our follow-up treatment recommendations.

Find the Best Kit For Your Specific Needs by Checking Out our Various Bed Bug Kits

Aside from our basic bed bug control kit, we have other specially customized bed bug kits. Depending on various circumstances, we have worked to put together bed bug control kits that are specific for different consumers--whether you’re an individual looking to treat your home or a business looking to treat your facility, we have a kit for you!

Bed Bug Kits For Commercial Facilities

If you’re the owner of a commercial property such as a hotel, clinic or apartment complex, a bed bug infestation can be devastating to your reputation and your bottom line. This  commercial facilities bed bug control kit contains all of the bed bug killing formulas and sprays you’ll need to treat your facility and put you back in the good graces of your tenants and customers. Using this kit and doing-it-yourself will also result in a bunch of savings compared to hiring professional exterminators to come and thoroughly treat your building, especially if it’s a large facility.

New York Bed Bug Kit

New York City is among the top cities in the United States to have a major bed bug infestation problem, but it is also a state which has very strict regulations on the sale and use of pest control products and are very rigid on what type of pest control chemicals and ingredients are allowed and what are outlawed. If you happen to live in New York, don’t fret as we have a kit made just for you containing the best quality bed bug control products that are also approved under New York’s state regulations.

All-Natural Bed Bug Kit

Are you wary of using harsh chemical in your home. We’ve created a kit with all-natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly and safe to apply around pets and children. These products are deadly only to bed bugs, and no one else.

Be Bed Bug Free With Our Bed Bug Control Kits

Bed bugs are among the most annoying and frustrating to control pests around. When infested by them, they can make us absolutely miserable through their blood-sucking itchy bites and persistence. As difficult as it may seem, we here at Solutions Pest and Lawn are dedicated to helping our customers eliminate their bed bug problems with the best bed bug control products.

Browse our various bed bug control kits below and order today. Also do not hesitate to call our phone number at (800) 479-6583 if you have any questions or concerns with your order or if you need free live advice and recommendations over the phone from our experienced representatives who will walk you through putting together an effective control plan that will wipe out your bed bug infestation.

Why Buy These Products

Bed Bug Control Kitsbed bug control kits

If you have ever had a bed bug infestation, you know how frustrating it can be to try and get them out of your house. Here at Solutions Pest & Lawn, we have everything you need to alleviate all of your bed bug problems, for less. We have bed bug control kits available, which lets you save more than separate purchases.

Your chances of eliminating all of the bed bugs are much more likely when you use more than one extermination product, because it will allow you to eliminate the bed bugs more thoroughly. With our complete bed bug kits, we make this as convenient as possible for you. Each kit features a number of products that are made for different scenarios. There are kits for commercial settings and for home settings, and include everything from dusts to aerosol sprays. We have assembled some of the best bed bug control kits on the market; no matter what size home or commercial facility you need to treat, we have a kit for you.

In addition to our wide range of bed bug control kits on offer, we’ve also created downloadable PDFs with instructions for using them. This makes the treatment of bed bugs even easier.. We know how difficult it is to live with a bed bug infestation, and we want to help you rid yourself of those pesky bugs. We’re more than confident that our quality products will get the job done and get it done right the first time. Let us help you keep your home or business secure from the threat of bed bugs.

We know that you will be happy with the products we provide, and that your home will be bed bug free from here on out.



If you have ever had a bed bug infestation, you know how frustrating it can be to try and get them out of your house. Bed bugs are not necessarily deadly pests, but they can make life extremely difficult if you happen to have an infestation. After 1940, bed bugs were virtually eliminated from the United States. But, now they are transferred from one place to another through traveling. Between suitcases, clothes, and gifts that people take from one place to another, bed bugs can be unwanted stowaways of any step of your travel process. So, one of the best ways to prevent a bed bug infestation in your home is to make sure you store your suitcases in the basement of your home instead of underneath your bed and to wash your clothes thoroughly as soon as you get home. However, if you still manage to get an infestation, don’t worry. Solutions has everything you need to alleviate all of your bed bug problems, for less. Each of our kits offer come with lower prices, because as a bundle, all of our products cost less than if you purchase them separately.

One of the best ways to attack your bed bug infestation is to approach it from multiple angles. That’s to say, use more than one extermination product to help control and eliminate your bed bug infestation. Your chances of eliminating all of the bed bugs are much more likely when you use more than one extermination product, because it will allow you to eliminate the bed bugs more thoroughly. Solutions Pest & Lawn makes this as convenient as possible for you by selling complete bed bug kits. Each kit features a number of products which are made for different scenarios. There are kits for commercial settings and for home settings, and include everything from dusts to aerosol sprays. We have assembled some of the best bed bug control kits on the market; no matter what size home or commercial facility you need to treat we have a kit available. Treatment is much easier than you think, because Solutions Pest & Lawn has helpful guides on our website for using the kits.


DETECTING BED BUGSget rid of bed bugs

Before you even know for sure if you have bed bugs, you need to detect them, right? Well, there is a kit to do that. Our Bed Bug Detection Kit features one blue high intensity rechargeable flashlight, one pair of orange filter premium goggles, one pair of needle nose forceps, three specimen 4x magnifyers, four Interception Zone Monitors, and a live hinge carrying case. All of these tools will help you ensure that you do indeed have bed bugs in your house before you begin treatment.



If you have a small bed bug infestation that only extends over a couple of rooms, the bed bug kit that is best for you. This kit features 1 (16 oz) Pyrid Aerosol 1 (1lb) Delta Dust and a Bellow Duster. You would take the Delta Dust and use the Bellow Duster to dust around all the cracks and crevices in your infested area—making sure to remove all drawers, outlet covers, and anything else that covers cracks and crevices. The Suspend should be used as a spray on the bedframe and box spring. Used together, although this is the least expensive bed bug kit, this kit is extremely effective in deterring bed bugs.

We have many other bed bug kits, like our Eco-friendly Bed Bug Control Kit. Our Eco-friendly Bed Bug Kit contains only products that are considered environmentally sustainable. Many of the active ingredients in these products are essential oils instead of chemicals. They are also compliant with the National Organics Program and are extremely safe to use around family and pets, making this perfect for the environmentally conscious customer who is concerned about putting harsh chemicals in their home.

We also have created a bed bug kit for commercial buildings. We know that while bed bug infestations are common in households, they also can take hold in offices and other commercial enterprises, especially in hotels. In fact, hotels should have a bed bug kit on hand, because infestations can spread like wildfire, and it is much better to be prepared than have a hotel with an infestation. The Commercial Bed Bug Kit contains twelve cans of Bedlam Bug Spray, two packages of Delta Dust to use with the Bellow Duster, Suspend insecticide, and Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator. These products, when used in combination, will stop the bed bug problem before it spreads to all the rooms in your building.

Bed Bug Kits for New York

For residents of  New York, there is a bed bug kit made just for you! In New York, there is a limit on the legal insecticides that you can buy. So, we have taken the time to put together a kit that is full of things you are able to purchase. The New York Bed Bug Kit contains 2 cans of Bedlam Aerosol Spray, 1 can of Sterifab (16 oz), Gentrol insect growth regulator, and 1 lb Drione Insecticide Dust with a bellow duster. These products will work harmoniously together to eliminate your bed bug nightmare.


We know that some of our customers may want to do a more thorough bed bug treatment, or that they may think that they will need to use it again in the future. We offer our Prescriptive Bed Bug Kit, which should give you about twenty treatments. Inside this kit, you will find one bottle of Phantom Concentrate, 4 cans of Phantom Aerosol Spray, a 3 lb tub of Alpine Dust with a Bellow Duster, and a 1 gallon Vinyl Sprayer.

The MGK Control Kits that we offer contain different combinations of the products listed above in a higher quantity, and also come with a sprayer. The benefit of using an MGK kit is that all of the products are green and eco-friendly, which means that they have a minimal effect on the environment. In addition, the Solutions Pest & Lawn sprayer is convenient because it can be used with a variety of different insecticides, so in case you aren’t battling bed bugs next time, you will still be prepared. We offer four different types of MGK Bed Bug Control kits, so you will always be sure to find exactly the kit you want.

Solutions Pest & Lawn knows how difficult it is to live with a bed bug infestation, and we want to help you rid yourself of those pesky bugs. We know what kills bed bugs and we have kits that will fit every situation because of our commitment to variety, and our quality products will get the job done and get it done right. Let us help you keep your home or business secure from the threat of bedbugs. We know that you will be happy with the products we provide, and that your home will be bed bug free from here on out.



We have assembled some of the best bed bug control kits on the market; no matter what size home or commercial facility you need to treat we have a kit available. With easy to follow how to kill bed bugs guides available for download, doing your own bed bug treatment is easier than you may think.

Solutions Pest & Lawn offers a wide variety of bed bug treatment products to control and kill bed bugs effectively. These pest control products range from bed bug sprays and dusts to bed bug traps and insect growth regulators.

Bed Bug Control Methodsbed bugs on beds

Bed bugs can be a problem when they come into your house. If they are not controlled, then they can spread through all of the rooms and the living space. Over time, the entire family can face bites, infections and even allergic reactions to the insects. Fortunately, you can control the insects before they start to spread.


With some simple techniques for bed bug control and professional pest control products you can handle the task of bed bug control.

    • ◙ Clean up the Clutter. Do not allow the bed bugs to hide throughout the room.
    • ◙ Clean up any cluttered spaces to eliminate the number of hiding places.
    • ◙ Remove any unnecessary furniture and clean up any messes throughout the room.
    • ◙ If the out break is severe it might be necessary to deal with the all the items that are in your closet, should remove all the floor and place in plastic containers, and keep out of the room till you are sure you have dealt with the bed bug control method.
    • ◙ Never leave bedding, clothing or other items on the floor, since the bed bugs can travel to other rooms and homes by staying on the fabric, shoes, or bags that are placed on the floor and then moved to the next location. Instead, wash every item thoroughly and dry it with a high heat setting.
    • ◙ Think about plastic bags or containers for items that cannot be laundered,
    • ◙ Nuvan ProStrips work well for use inside the containers to kill any bed bugs that may have been in the clothing or other items.
    • ◙ Vacuum the Bed Get out the vacuum cleaner and remove as many bed bugs as possible from the bed or furniture.
    • ◙ Vacuum the mattress, box spring and even the bed frame to pick up the insects. Throw away the bag from the vacuum as soon as the furniture has been vacuumed to prevent the bed bugs from getting out of the machine and recontaminate the area.
    • ◙ Wash the bedding, and break down the bed, you will need to check the mattress and boxspring as well as be frame. Spray the Furniture Use bed bug sprays to kill as many of the insects as possible.
    • ◙ Some bed bug sprays will also help prevent the insects from growing to adulthood, which can help reduce the population of the bugs over a period of time. By using both an insecticide and also an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) you have an added layer of protection when you spray all the areas that need to be treated.
    • ◙ Good Bed Bug Control methods will include a dust, aerosol, IGR, and a liquid concentrate. Follow the instructions on the spray and kits carefully to ensure that it is used in an appropriate manner.

There are a large selection of products that will work on bed bugs and we have included them in some kits to make selection easier. When it comes to bed bug control methods, it will matter how thorough you are when you treat the infested area. Do the job the right way the first time and remember to recheck everything in 10 to 14 days. Cover the Furniture Bed bug mattress covers and box spring covers can help prevent the insects from moving to a different room and trap them in the bed.


By putting on covers, you can prevent bites and ensure that the bed bugs are controlled. This will also help if retreatment is needed, as there will be no cracks and crevices for them to hide. An infestation of bed bugs can be bothersome, but there are options to help eliminate or control the bed bugs before they can spread, throughout your entire home. By using the right combination of bed bug control methods when controlling and eliminating the bugs, it is possible to keep the bed bugs from causing havoc in your life.


How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Infesting Your Home

When your home encounters a bed bug infestation, it can be a terribly frustrating and miserable experience. However, if you have the resolve in you to conduct a proper DIY bed bug treatment, it is possible you can get rid of bed bugs without the help of an exterminator (and we have all the guides you need to achieve this goal).


Ridding bed bugs from your home takes hard work and the right products in your arsenal and once you have killed all the bed bugs from your home and are no longer waking up to itchy welts on your skin from bed bug bites, it can be an amazing triumph, but you shouldn’t pat yourself on the back and celebrate so soon. Bed bugs can and often do come back if you’re not careful.


The big task after eliminating bed bugs from your home is to keep them gone with regular bed bug prevention in your home. In this guide, we will show you the steps to take to prevent bed bugs from coming back into your home.


Why Bed Bugs Keep Coming Backbed bug screenshot

To sum up our point of this article, we’ll give you some good news and some bad news. The good news? Bed bugs can be overcome with diligent pest control work and the implementation of a bed bug control program. The bad news? Bed bugs can re-infest your home.


All the hard work you put in can be completely discounted if bed bugs return after some time and can lead to more frustration and exasperation. You will fill defeated and hopeless. However, before you hang your head and give up and just let the bed bugs rip into you more, it’s not too far-fetched for re-infestations to happen after bed bugs have been eliminated. Our goal is to show you why this happens and what you can do to keep bed bugs from coming back.


Bed bugs are an epidemic all around the world. Places that once never had a bed bug problem, encounter them. Not too long ago, the United States never had a bed bug problem and now it’s one of the main countries suffering from bed bug outbreaks and invasions. The reason: Traveling!


Bed bugs originally were found overseas in the East. Early history suggests that they first were discovered in the middle east in caves. As civilization grew, bed bugs began to spread and multiply all throughout Asia and Europe. It is believed that bed bugs were first brought to America by the early colonists in the 1700s.


Bed bugs continued to be a problem for some time until they suddenly disappeared in the developing world, likely due to introduction of pesticides such as DDT and other societal factors. Now the bed bugs are in resurgence in America and is it any coincident it is during a time of historic amounts of traveling, tourism and people emigrating into the country?


The common theme in all of this is that the biggest travelers of all are the bed bugs themselves. It is in their nature to hitchhike. They hitch rides into people's belongings, clothing and even the sleeves of a shirt while you are moving around.


Common Bed Bug Re-infestation Scenarios

When it comes to your home being reinfested, especially after you have gone through the trouble of killing all the bed bugs off and wiping out the infestation, the bed bugs often come back from some external source.


  • -You may have come back from traveling out of town or out of the country and they snuck onto your belongings

  • -You were staying at a hotel that had bed bugs or other guests of the hotel had brought along bed bugs and they traveled to hitch a ride in your things.

  • -If you live in close quarters with other people (ie. an apartment complex, duplex etc.) your neighbors may have traveled and brought along bed bugs. This happens more often than not and unfortunately these type of situations are out of your control.

  • -You can even get bed bugs by taking a trip to the movie theater and having the bed bugs hiding in the theatre seat crawl onto you or your clothes/purse.

  • -You had a visitor over at your home or a guest from out of town who spent the night and they unknowingly brought bed bugs with them.

  • -A used piece of furniture or clothing was brought into the home which had bed bugs (picture frame, artwork etc.).

  • -Improper control and application the first treatment

  • -No inspection or retreatment

  • -Failure to use mattress and box spring encasement

There are perhaps other factors which may result in bed bugs coming back, but based on experiences of those victims of bed bug re-infestations, these are the usual causes of bed bugs returning once they’ve been eliminated.


Steps To Prevent Bed Bug Re-infestations

After you have successfully rid your bed bug infestation through the use of professional quality bed bug control products and sanitation practices it is best to implement a regular routine to check for bed bugs and to even plant preventative applications of bed bug control products to keep bed bugs away.


For instance, our bed bug expert at Solutions Pest & Lawn recommend applying a bed bug powder such as D-Fense Dust and applying the dust inside indoor cracks, around electrical outlets, inside walls, between carpet and the wall, and around electronics.


The great thing about bed bug powders is that they have a great residual, with the ability to keep killing bed bugs up to 6 months. By applying this product every 6 months, you should be able to keep bed bugs gone. However, because of the factors we listed above regarding the various different ways new bed bugs can find their way into your home, we have outlined the following steps to take to ensure bed bugs don’t make a comeback.

Step 1: Routinely Check Your Home

To be on the safe side, we recommend checking your beds every 2 weeks when you change the bed sheets. Make laundry day a day where you also scan your home for bed bugs. Check the usual hot spots for signs of bed bugs. Before you put on the linens, lift the folds and seams of your mattress to give a good look around for any trace of live bugs, feces and cast skins. Before you toss your bed sheets in the washer, check the sheets for any blood spots as these are a warning sign bed bugs are still lingering around or a new batch have arrived.


As a precaution if you haven’t already done so, we highly recommend placing bed bug mattress covers and box spring encasements on each bed in your home. This can take away hiding spots bed bugs love to use and can make these weekly inspections easier since bed bugs can be spotted much easier crawling on a white bed bug encasement.


To monitor bed bugs, another recommendation is to apply Climbup Insect Bed Bug Interceptors which you can purchase here at Solutions Pest & Lawn. Place one on each leg of your bed and check weekly for any bed bugs which have been trapped by the interceptor.


Step 2 : Thoroughly Inspect Sleeping Areas When Staying at Hotels

This applies not only to hotel rooms but also when you decide to spend the night at a friends home or a family member’s. If you are serious about preventing bed bugs from coming back into your home, whenever you are on vacation or traveling, you have to be diligent in checking your sleeping arrangements to avoid the risk of bed bugs hitching a ride on your or your things.


Quickly conduct an inspection of the mattress, headboard and dresser drawers before putting your personal belongings in the room. We know you don’t mean to offend hotel staff or your friends or family members who are giving you a place to sleep, but you just can’t be totally secure that bed bugs are not hanging around.

Another smart suggestion is to bring a bed bug aerosol spray with you just in case you encounter an infested room or even to spray your luggage when you have left the hotel room and when you have made it safely back home.  There are a number of great aerosol sprays which we carry at Solutions Pest & Lawn that can do the trick in warding off possible bed bug infestations such as Pyrid Aerosol.


We have an entire guide about this titled “How To Check for Bed Bugs at a Hotel or Airbnb


Step 3  : Thoroughly Inspect Your Home After Having Guests over.

Whenever you have company over, whether they are staying overnight or just visiting for a couple of hours, you should always check your couches, lounge chairs and beds for bed bugs. Visiting family members or friends who have come from out of town or from anywhere outside of your home may totally unaware that they may have brought along unwanted bloodsucking guests. If they’ve brought over any gifts check those as well for bed bugs. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Word of caution, please do this AFTER they have already gone. You don’t want to offend them by saying you’re only checking around because you're afraid they have bed bugs. That won’t be a pleasant dialogue.

Step 4 : Avoid Discarded Furniture or Used Items

So you saw a good deal online for a used piece of furniture? Maybe you were walking by a dumpster and saw that someone was throwing away a sofa that otherwise looks like it’s in good condition. As tempting as it is to jump at free or discounted things, it may not be worth it if bed bugs are part of the package.


We highly advise against picking up furniture from off the street. Also be wary and careful purchasing used items such as couches and other pieces of furniture from thrift shops or from online classifieds such as Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. If you do really want to buy a used piece of furniture, you must carefully inspect it for bed bugs before purchasing it if possible or before bringing it into your house. As a precaution we recommend spraying down a used piece of furniture with an insecticidal spray such as Sterifab or Pyrid Aerosol.



It can be demoralizing to have bed bugs make a return to your home especially after you worked hard to get rid of them. However, it should be understood that keeping bed bugs out of your home is an ongoing process and you have to be proactive in your home and outside your home if you don’t want to bring in a reinfestation into your home.


This means being thorough whenever you are at a hotel room and even when you go to the movie theater, check your seats! Check your home weekly or if that seems like too much, do a thorough inspection quarterly for bed bugs.


Bed bug infestations are hard to get rid of and easy to get, but by being proactive with inspections and checking your surrounding and belongings, and performing occasional reapplications of bed bug killing products, you shouldn’t have a problem any further.


If at any time you spot bed bugs, you need to attack them early to ensure the infestation doesn’t worsen. Please check out our other helpful bed bug treatment guides such as our guide to using bed bug dusting, bed bug insecticide treatment as well as vacuuming and heat treating your home. We also have detailed and helpful DIY pest control guides for plenty of other common insects which may invade your home.


Make your bed bug insecticide shopping experience quick and easy by purchasing our Guaranteed Bed Bug Control Kit. This kit contains all the necessary insecticides needed for total bed bug control in your home. If you have any questions, go to our Solutions Pest & Lawn website to open up a live chat, give us a call at 800-479-6583 or send us an email at askapro@solutionsstores.com.

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