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Bed Bug Heat TreatmentBed Bug Heat Treatment

The number one sure-fire way to kill bed bugs is high temperatures. Bed bugs have becoming an increasingly major problem in the states, especially in the highly populated big cities. You hear it on the news constantly and judging from the headlines, bed bugs are fastest growing pest problems in the US with their infestations and their itchy bites.

It doesn’t help matters that when trying to take measures to eliminate bed bug infestations through means such as insecticides, bed bugs are quick to develop a resistance toward certain formulations, creating more frustration from victims of bed bug infestations who waste their hard-earned money on a solution only for it to be rendered ineffective. While bed bugs are particularly difficult to get rid of, fortunately, they do have a weakness. Those terrible blood suckers can’t take the heat!

Eliminate Your Bed Bug Problems With Heat

Heat treatment is one of the most overlooked but most results-producing way to get rid of bed bugs. Simply put, bed bug heat treatment methods get the job done. Using items such as a bed bug heater or bed bug oven will create an uncomfortable situation for bed bugs, a situation where they are guaranteed to not survive.

Not only is heat treatment options like using a bed bug heater or bed bug oven an excellent way to dispose of those wretched bed bugs, but the products we carry in stock at Solutions Pest and Lawn have been carefully designed in a user-friendly format to make it easy for anyone to use and operate our products and carry out a solid bed bug treatment program. Even then, if you have trouble we are always available via email or over the phone to give you free expert advice that you need to use our products properly and kill the bed bugs that have been plaguing your home.

Things To Consider About Bed Bug Heat Treatment

They are best combined with other Bed Bug Control Methods

While killing bed bugs with heat is a guaranteed way to get rid of bed bugs on your furniture, bedding and clothing, heat treating alone may not be enough to eliminate an entire bed bug infestation. It is recommended that you combine a heat treatment plan of attack with a number of other treatment approaches to ensure that you eradicate the entire population of bed bugs in your home. That is why we also have available bed bug sprays and bed bug dusts which will control areas where heat treating by itself will not be feasible and these products have the reach that heat treatment does not.

Maintenance Is Vital for Longevity of Heat Treatment Products

Heat treatment products to get rid of bed bugs of course rely on high temperatures to eliminate bed bugs, that is why it is very important to monitor and be careful when handling bed bug heaters. Being neglectful or doing the “set it and forget it” method may do more harm than good. These products should never be left unattended and children and pets should be kept out of the room when treatment is being done to ensure safety.

Electric Bed Bug Heaters Work Best

If you want to use heat to kill bed bugs, the best and most convenient way to go about it is through an electric bed bug heater. Electric heaters deliver not only the power necessary to kill bed bugs by raising up to temperatures that bed bugs are susceptible to, but they also give users a great control over the amount and placement of the heat. These products are guaranteed to obliterate all the bed bugs in your home. Compared to a professional pest control service, buying an electric bed bug heater will save you money and go a much longer way by being a part of your pest control arsenal for years to come.

Let Solutions Help You To Get Rid of Your Bed Bug Problem

At Solutions Pest and Lawn, we want to be your go-to store for quality professional grade products and free advice and tutorials so you can perform pest control yourself with confidence. Check out our extensive knowledge base and how-to videos or speak to a live expert over the phone by calling (800) 479-6583 our staff is eager to assist you with whatever you need.

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