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Bed Bug Control Dusts and Powders

While bed bug killing sprays are an effective method of bed bug control, when you have a heavy infestation of bed bugs, spray alone may not be able to eradicate an entire family of them. As pest control experts, we recommend tackling bed bug control through as much effective methods as possible, and another solid method of bed bug control are bed bug dusts, which have several advantages over sprays when it comes to eliminating a large population of blood-sucking bed bugs. Here we will cover the types of bed bug dusts and powders and why they are such a significant method of bed bug eradication.

Types of Bed Bug Dusts

Natural Dusts and Powders

If you are a person weary of chemical products that have the potential to be harmful to pets and children, there are a variety of popular insecticide products that have natural ingredients that are only harmful to insects like bed bugs. A few popular examples of natural dusts and powders includes Diatomaceous Earth and Pyrethrin dusts. These are environmentally safe products that come from sources from nature. Diatomaceous Earth for example is formulated from ingredients from soils derived out of the Earth’s crust. Pyrethrin dusts contain pyrethrin which is natural extracted from the chrysanthemum flower which contains natural ingredients which are lethal to various insects.  

Each of these produce a harmful effect on bed bugs that are lethal. has a different effect on the bugs, both of which are lethal. Diatomaceous Earth-based dusts and powders work by causing devastating damage to the protective outer shell of an insect, which ultimately results in the insect becoming dehydrated and suffocating to death. Pyrethrin on the other hand targets the nervous system of bed bugs and other insects, which results in the affected insect losing control of vital bodily functions which lead to a total breakdown and death when the bug can no longer function normally any longer. Products that contain these active ingredients are devastating and fatal to bugs but they are completely safe to use around humans and pets due to the fact that neither have the physiology necessary to be harmed or poisoned by these ingredients.

Chemical Dusts and Powders

Chemical dusts and powders contain man-made formulas designed to be lethal to bed bugs. One of the more popular brands of bed bug dusts is Tempo Insecticide dust. This dust is made from the same ingredients as the popular liquid sprays made by Tempo but in dust form. Dust insecticides sometimes are more effective in certain bed bug infestation situations because they can easily be applied to hard to reach areas like cracks and crevices without losing it’s bed bug killing strength like some liquid insecticides do when they dry out.

With our help, you can Eliminate Bed Bugs Yourself!

There’s perhaps no greater bug that gives home owners more frustration than the irritating bed bug. These flat-bodied, brown blood suckers have the ability to create large populations of hungry bed bugs by nesting deep within the the crevices and folds of your mattress and box springs. Once they have established themselves, they will stay until you take drastic measures to eliminate them.

There are different methods you can take when getting rid of bed bugs depending upon the circumstances of your living arrangement and your willingness to invest in quality control solutions.  At Solutions Pest and Lawn, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best options of bed bug killing products that you won’t be able to find at your local department stores. We carry all the latest professional grade products and supplement that with free how-to advice from our experience pest control professionals and entomologists who will guide you through each step of the process, from preparation to treatment and prevention. Check out our extensive knowledge base and how-to videos or speak to a live expert over the phone by calling (800) 479-6583


Purchasing the correct bed bug spray for your bed bug treatment needs will help you do the DIY job of bed bug control right the first time. Some of our featured recommended bed bug control products for killing bed bugs effectively are Phantom, Bedlam and Sterifab.


In addition to bed bug dusts, Solutions Pest & Lawn also offers bed bug sprays, bed bug insect growth regulators and also Bed Bug Mattresses for a highly effective bed bug control.

Bed Bug Control with Professional Dust

When bed bugs get into the house, removing them can seem like a daunting task. The insects are not always easy to find and it is important to identify the  correctly to avoid any improper application when you are trying to eliminate them. Fortunately, there are pest control products and options that are environmentally friendly and will help remove the bed bugs and other insects from the home. It is always recommended to use multiple products for bed bug control and a professional dust is one of the main components.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Since insects can have different methods of controlling and eliminating them, it is important to ensure that the pests are bed bugs and not other types of biting insects. Bed bugs are a type of flat insect that looks brown or reddish in color. Typically found close to the area where they will feed, so bedrooms, living areas. Check these items for blood spots and red staining in the seams and cracks.

In many cases, you will notice the blood on the sheets, you yourself may have the uncomfortable bites or live adults that may be found around furniture and bedding. Usually, the insects will hide in the furniture, so it may take some investigating to find them and their location. Remove drawers from cabinets and nightstands, check under boxsprings, and under sofa, etc.

bed bug dustingCleaning and Eliminating the Pests

There are a variety of ways to eliminate bed bugs, and one step is to use a professional dust. Start with vacuuming and removing as many of the insects from the bed, couch or other furniture as possible. Eliminate the contents of the vacuum cleaner and dispose of them properly outside the home.

Usually, bed bugs will be found in the bed, bed frame, box spring or couch, but they can hide in other fabrics or areas of the house. Vacuum the infested area as thoroughly as possible. These areas should be treated with a good aerosol spray, non-repelling such as Phantom Aerosol Spray.

Application of the dust is appropriate in cracks and crevices, outlets, behind baseboards, wall voids and area that are not accessible. Always follow the exact instructions on the professional dust to ensure that it is handled in an appropriate manner

Remove any bedding or fabrics and wash them in hot water, dry them in high heat dryer. It will help remove any insects that are clinging to the fabric and prevent them from spreading to other rooms or homes. Items that cannot be washed and dried should be sealed up and the use of a Nuvan ProStrip to fumigate the items will work very well in eliminating the bed bugs.

Bed bugs can be a problem and can seem overwhelming to control. Fortunately, there are tools and options that can help eliminate them before they spread through the entire house. By using professional dust and other appropriately labeled products, it is possible to kill the insects before it can become a large problem. We highly recommend using a good Professional Dust for bed bug control and apply the dust with a professional duster for better application techniques.

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