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bareground weedBare Ground Management 

As always, the key to applying bare ground herbicides is in the volume of water. Soil sterilent herbicides are primarily seed growth inhibitors which prevent seed germination from occurring. Because of this you need to ensure that the bare weed killer herbicide you choose gets down to where the seeds are. If you do not use enough water to fully saturate the soil down about 8-12" deep then you will possibly not get full control as there may still be growth below the herbicide layer.

Bare ground weed control is a key part of any integrated vegetation management program. Whether you are running a large industrial plant where where you cannot have any weeds damaging your equipment or you are a homeowner who doesn't want to constantly have to spray weeds as they pop up in your driveway our professional bare ground herbicides are 100% guaranteed to eliminate plant growth for an entire year when applied properly.

When applying a bare ground herbicide it is very important to use a large volume of water or apply while the ground is saturated and you will get good penetration. Follow our 2 step program below and we guarantee 100% that you will only make one vegetation control application a year.

2 Step Bare Ground Vegetation Management Program

Step 1: The first step to bare ground is killing all current vegetation. You will want to use a systemic postemergent herbicide that will kill the current vegetation down to the root. The most common one for leafy vegetation is glyphosate and we have had 100% success with the Glyphosate 4+ from Alligare. If you are dealing with larger vegetation such as bushes or trees you would want to utilize an ester like Triclopyr 4 which is 60% triclopyr and will eliminate anything with a bark.

Step 2: The second step will be applying your soil sterilent product. These products inhibit seed germination and will ensure that nothing grows where they are applied for 1 year. We always recommend using a indicator dye so you know exactly where you spray and do not apply to areas where you do not want the chemical. The best product we have found for total vegetation control for a year is Bromacil 40/40. It is a mix of bromacil and diuron in a water dispersable granule form. It is the most economical product to use for large scale vegetation management. We sell thousands of pounds a year to applicators who use it to control vegetation around pipelines and production facilities.

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