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The Actisol Compact Unit because of its advanced technology and design forces insecticide to reach target insects where they live – in DEEP HARBORAGES. The constant high volume air-flow causes the ideally-sized insecticide particles to penetrate deeper into cracks and crevices.


1. Filter Insecticide and Fill Tank. Remove Fill Cap. Filter insecticide by pouring slowly into fill neck and through the in-tank filter to remove any debris that may clog or damage the Actisol Compact Unit. With a 28 oz. tank capacity it is VERY IMPORTANT NOT TO OVERFILL WITH PRODUCT. The tank should only be about 75% full or about 20 oz.

2. Replace Fill Cap. Turning the cap clockwise, hand-tighten until firmly secured.

3. Plug in / Turn on Power. Plug the Actisol Compact Unit into a three-prong grounded, 110/115-volt electrical source. Use a three-prong grounded heavy-duty extension cord when operating this unit (Not Included). Remove Red Tip Protector Cap. Switch the unit to the ON position using the Toggle Switch on top of unit.

4. Adjust Regulator. To adjust the Regulator start by unlocking the safety lock located on the adjustment knob by pulling up on the knob. If a red ring is present, lift up on the red ring to unlock. Turn the knob slowly clockwise until the 0-30 psi Panel Mount Gauge reads 10 – 12 psi.

5. Turn the Unit on to Begin Use. At this point the air flows freely through the twin tubing to the wand and excess air is vented to atmosphere at the tip. Next, the air flows into the regulator which controls the pressure exerted on the liquid inside the tank. The liquid product then travels through the second line of the twin tubing to the wand.

6. Apply Insecticide. Always apply insecticide according to the label instructions. Position the applicator tip on the desired target and depress the trigger to apply insecticide. Releasing the trigger allows the unit’s free airflow to push the already applied insecticide deeper into harborage areas. The compressed air is environmentally safe and much more effective than chemical propellants. The free flowing air stream will also disturb target insects even without the use of liquid. The continuous free flowing air stream allows for deeper penetration of the target areas.

7. AFTER EVERY USE BACKFLUSH the system to remove chemical from the wand and hose. This cannot be emphasized enough. This will help protect the twin polyurethane tubing and the capillary polyurethane tubing inside the wand.

8. Draining the Tank. Drain the Actisol Compact Unit’s tank when changing insecticides or storing for an extended period of time. The unique pour dry design of the tank allows you to remove all materials from the tank by simply tilting the unit over a funnel and returning the product to it’s original container.

Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit

The Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol machine combines a small volume of insecticide with a large volume of air which becomes atomized in the special nozzle at the end of the Actisol wand. This allows the Actisol Compact ULV Machine to help you reach target insects that may be much further hidden than other target pests that you could reach with standard equipment.

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Hi is this with anodize special treatment?
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Do you send to Japan ?
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Can the Actisol machine be used with Demon Max?
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Customer Reviews

  • Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit
    By linda morris on 1/6/2016
    This has worked so far and I am going to order another...thank you this has been a nightmare!


  • Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit
    By Andy Bury- Safeguard Pest Control on 12/27/2015
    This unit is a definite must for those heavy infestations in both commercial and residential accounts. Easy to use,it's a mean machine that will pay for itself over time. No more using aerosols that waste time and money on insecticides that cannot get to the "source" of the infestation inside wall
    voids and other deep harborage areas. Great little unit!


  • Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit
    By Bernard on 12/27/2015
    Very fast deliver excellent follow thru awesome customer service would buy again from them thank you bernie


  • Actisol Compact Portable Aerosol Unit
    By Valpmp on 12/27/2015
    I've worked with these units since 1994, Actisol Mnf has greatly improved their ULV Uniits...and it really defines "Pest Elimination" -vs- "Pest Control"


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