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About Solutions Pest & Lawn

Our Story

Solutions Pest & Lawn, founded in 1972, was the first do-it-yourself pest control store in the country. Starting as a local pest control company the Richard Boyd saw an opportunity to sell the same professional chemicals he was using in his pest control service business directly to homeonwers. They bought a small gas station and converted it to a pest control store. The stores have changed hands many times over the years being owned by large companies such as Bayer, Roussel Chemical, and Adama Industries before they were sold in 2011 to Zach Colander and got back to their local roots. Solutions is now a family owned and operated and is the only direct to consumer manufacturer insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and equipment. 

The increasing demand for “specialty” and professional pesticides, combined with our reputation for solving pest problems and providing helpful advice, has led to our rapid success and expansion. In 2012, we refined the model of the all-pest control concept by adding equipment, fertilizers, and herbicides to our product line. In 2014, we launched equipment repair services nationwide, providing in-store repairs for handheld sprayers, skid sprayers and more.

We are the nation’s largest and fastest-growing professional pest, lawn, and equipment retailer with a network of stores nationwide. With access to more than 20,000 types of insecticides, herbicides, fertilizer and accessories we have the widest selection of professional products available to homeowners and pest management professionals. We offer unmatched service to homeowners, businesses and government entities at the national and local levels. In 2015 we were honored with membership into the United Formulators Producers and Distributors of America as the only direct to consumer company. 


Hard to find brands stocked exclusively by Solutions Pest & Lawn include: Talstar, Termidor, Advion, Demon WP, Demand, Exciter, Quali-Pro, Control Solutions Inc, Liphatech, MGK, Zoecon, Nisus, Monsanto, Mistaway, Alligare, and Bell Labs. We offer national brands and exceptional value. Stop by any of our stores and you will be blown away by the personal service you receive. From the moment you walk in the store we take the time to solve your pest problem with our 4 step process. If you dont know something new by the time you leave the store then we haven't done our job. 

Step 1: Greeting- We want you to feel comfortable discussing your pest or lawn issue with us. For many bugs or weeds have a negative connotation. Trust us, there is nothing we have not seen.

Step 2: Diagnose- We will ask questions and learn about your particular situation since each one is unique and needs a special treatment plan for 100% effectiveness.

Step 3: Prescribe- We will discuss the treatment options and provide you with our recommended treatment method for your situation. 

Step 4: Teach- After you decide on what you want we will teach you how to use the selected products. This is the most important part. Success rates depend on 50% chemical used and 50% how it is applied. It is why exterminators can do a better job than your typical homeowner, they know WHERE and WHEN TO SPRAY.

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Pest Management Professionals

Solutions specializes in pest control operators with 1-20 trucks. We are the only full service distributor that offers insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and equipment sales and service under one roof. The personal level of service and the convenience of locations along with economical store brand insecticides make us the primary dealer for thousands of pest management professionals across the country. Our inventory is fully automated based on season and the products we stock we will guarantee we will not be out of. If you need a special order item that we do not have in store just ASK. Typically we can get any item from our distribution center in a matter of days or we can ship the product straight to your door.

We offer superior pesticide and equipment product knowledge and a personal contact. We provide high-quality products and services for a wide variety of industries ranging from pest control, lawn care, industrial vegetation management, and military contracts. We provide the most complete selection of insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and equipment from one source. Our team is ready to serve both locally and nationally.

Whether you are starting a pest control company or have branches all across the country Solutions can come up with a customized supply contract for your company.

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