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6 Ways To Get Rid of Weeds In Grass


You love your garden so much! It’s your child; you have been nurturing it and taking care of it with your life. Watering the plants and grass just the right amount, adding in the manure when it’s time. Keeping the garden and the plants clean to make sure it blooms and blossoms greatly. 

What is that? Is that weeds you spot in the grass? Oh no! These predators would suck up the moisture, leaving your grass thirsty and dry. They compromise the beauty of your green garden and plants. In order to get rid of them, you need to be careful in only attacking the weeds and not the grass.

Keeping the grass and other plants healthy, natural methods can be used so that only the weeds are distressed -- not the lovely plants. This problem needs to be addressed immediately in order to keep the damage minimum. Listed below are 6 different methods that are natural and effective.

  1. Drench Them in Boiling Water

Boiling water is the most effective and easiest method. Be careful though, when handling boiling water, you could spill on yourself. Just boil a big pot with water and drain over weeds in places like the sidewalk. The boiling water kills the weeds and discourages it to grow back. You can apply boiling water in your garden as well but you have to be sure to just add some on the weeds. The grass can also get damaged if spilled elsewhere.

  1. Fire it up!

Applying heat and fire to the weeds will cause them to wither and die. Repeated application will kill the weeds from the roots. You need to be careful when using this method to kill weeds. A flame-weeder tool is available in all home and garden shops, use that. This tool allows you to apply flame and heat directly at the affected area and does not disturb the neighborhood.

The weeds are burnt and die with continuous application of heat without disturbing the grass in the surrounding. As dried grass can catch fire easily, you must take extra precaution when handling this tool. If you live in a place where the temperatures are high and humid, fire can spread quickly.

  1. Add a Pinch of Salt

Table salt or sodium chloride is very harmful for plants and has its own history. Adding salt to any soil will prevent grass from growing there. You can make this herbicide by mixing 1 part salt with 3 parts boiling water. If you want to make the mixture stronger, you can add 2 parts salt with 3 parts water and also a dash of liquid soap and put it in a spray bottle.

When you apply this herbicide, make sure that you tie-away any nearby plants in order to keep them safe. Simple spray the mixture on weeds leaves and do not soak the soil. The dish soap will break the surface tension and the salt will cling on the leaves. Continuous spraying will discourage the weeds from growing further and it will eventually die.

  1. Use White Vinegar

This common household item is a very effective herbicide. Simply applying white vinegar to weed leaves will kill the leaves and make room for your favorite plants. The vinegar sold in stores for household use is normally 5% acetic acid in nature which is strong enough for weeds. A more concentrated and highly acidic version is also available in home and garden stores which are 20% acidic in nature and harmful for eyes, skin and lungs.

When spraying vinegar on leaves of weeds, make sure to keep the nearby plants away or this may damage them too. Repeated applications may be necessary for its effectiveness. You can add a dash of liquid soap in order to increase its effectiveness and durability.

  1. Season the Weeds like Fries

Just like you season your fries before frying, you can also season the weed leaves so that they die! Mix table salt or rock salt with vinegar for maximum effectiveness. You can mix 1 part salt with 1 gallon of vinegar and apply to the leaves. The effectiveness of both would kill these predators. Adding a dash of liquid soap is known to break the surface tension helping the salt to cling to the leaves easily.

  1. Borax Water

Borax powder is a very famous herbicide. It kills all types of insects too. For weeds, you will need to mix the powder with water. Add 10 ounces of borax powder with 2.5 gallons of water and mix thoroughly. The mixture will be milky white and you will have to coat the leaves with the mixture. The unwanted leaves will be discouraged by the mixture and die.

Make sure to use the spray carefully as the nearby plants and grass that you love so much can also be harmed. Use the mixture in a spray for easy application and maximum effectiveness. Just spray on the weeds leaves and your garden will have snow before winters!

Gardens have a sentimental value in the hearts of the owners. Predators like weeds can harm the entire garden and make your garden look unsightly. Tackling weeds at an early stage will help keep the situation in control.

Make Solutions Pest & Lawn Your Home For Weed Control

Invasive weeds can be a frustrating challenge to overcome if you don’t have the right chemicals to make things easier on you. If the above remedies don’t give you the desired results Solutions Pest & Lawn has a wide range of herbicides designed to kill weeds quickly.

First it is important to know what type of weed you have. Once you have ID’d the weed you can then be pointed in the direction of the right herbicides which are designed to target the weed. If you have trouble identifying a weed on your property, send us a photo at identification@solutionsstores.com and we can help you identify your problem weed as well as give you instructions on controlling it.

Solutions has a wide variety of herbicides such as MSM Turf Herbicide, or Quinclorac 75 DF Herbicide  if you are dealing with crabgrass. We also have focused products for other common weeds like nutsedge, dandelions and johnsongrass if you are dealing with those hard-to-control weeds.

Once you have purchased the correct herbicide, spot treat weeds using a small pressure sprayer. If you have larger patches we recommend using a 1 or 2 gallon tank sprayer or even a tank sprayer if the weeds on your lawn have gotten severely out of control.

For more helpful lawn care and weed control advice and product suggestions do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 479-6583 if you need live expert assistance. We’re always an email or phone call away!

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