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Talon G Rat/Mouse Bait 150 Packs Weatherblok XT Rat/Mouse Poison 16lb Tandem Insecticide 32oz.
Price $68.99

Price $88.99
Price $119.99
Talon G Rat Bait Talon Weatherblock Rat Bait Poison Tandem Insectice
Talon G 150 Pellet Packs provide the fastest kill of rats and mice. The unique formulation of Talon G Rat-Mouse poison has been preferred by professionals because of its strong efficacy, high acceptance and broad use label. With brodificoum as the active ingredient, this single feed rodenticide requires a small dosage and can eradicate rats and mice quickly. WeatherBlok XT is an excellent outdoor bait that has the advantages of Talon-G, in a formulation that can stand up to the elements and especially in damp places where other baits can't cut it. This great bait has also been given a unique design that encourages rodents to devour a lethal dose in one feeding. Tandem Insecticide gives you the quick knockdown of Lambda-Cyhalothrin as well as the effectiveness of Thiamethoxam, a non-repellant insecticide. Tandem is labeled to eliminate over 90 pests.
Optigard Ant Gel Bait Optigard Fire Ant Bait Multiplex Bait Station
Price $34.99
Optigard Ant Gel Bait by Syngenta is a clear, odorless ant gel bait designed with a very palatable formula for the control ants by ingestion or transfer. Optigard contains the most preferred ant bait matrix in the industry and is packaged in a ready-to-use syringe. Optigard Fire Ant Bait by Syngenta contains Abamectin and is used for the control of Imported Fire Ants on turf, lawns, landscapes, and other non-crop areas. Optigard can be applied in two ways, by broadcast or by individual mound treatment. Multiplex Bait Stations are an effective tool for the control of rodents inside and outside of homes, warehouses and other structures. Providing bait protection from the elements, children, and non-target animals they are a critical aspect of any baiting program.
Meridian 0.33G Insecticide Meridian 25WG Insecticide Provaunt Insecticide
Meridian 0.33G Insecticide by Syngenta contains Thiamethoxam and is designed for the control of insect pests on turfgrasses on residential lawns, parks, athletic fields, and many other similar areas. Meridian will stop feeding within minutes to hours after exposure and will shortly be followed by death of the target pest. Meridian 25WG Insecticide by Syngenta contains Thiamethoxam and is designed for the foliar and systemic control of insect pests in turfgrass, sod farms, interiorscapes, and landscape plants. Meridians rapid translaminar absorption and distibution within the leaves provides excellent residual control of foliar feeding insects. Provaunt Insecticide by Syngenta contains Indoxacarb and is formulated as a water dispersible granular insecticide used as a foliar or broadcast spray for the control of lepidopterous larvae and other listed pests that infest landscape and recreation turf grass and landscape ornamentals.
Scimitar CS Insecticide Scimitar GC Insecticide Monument 75WG Herbicide
Price $289.90
Scimitar CS Insecticide by Syngenta contains Lambda-Cyhalothrin and is used for the control of listed insects on ornamentals and lawns in landscaped areas. Scimitar CS is popular with pest management professionals due to its broad-spectrum, residual control and easy-to-use mixture rates. Scimitar GC Insecticide by Syngenta contains 9.7% Lambda-Cyhalothrin and is used for the control of listed insects on ornamentals on golf courses, athletic fields, and lawns in landscaped areas. Scimitar GC is also compatible with most commonly used fungicides, miticides, and liquid fertilizers making it a very versatile product for the pest management professional. Monument 75WG Herbicide by Syngenta is designed for the post-emergent control of certain broadleaf, sedge and grassy weeds in established turf sites. Monument 75WG is formulated as water dispersible granules that must be thoroughly and uniformly mixed in water and applied as a spray.
Pennant Magnum Herbicide Princep Liquid Herbicide Refuge Herbicide
Pennant Magnum Herbicide by Syngenta is designed for the pre-emergent control of many annual grasses, certain broadleaf weeds, and yellow nutsedge on commercial and residential warm-season turfgrasses and other non-crop lands. Pennant Magnum should not be used in greenhouses or any other closed structures. Princep Liquid Herbicide by Syngenta is designed for the pre-emergent control of a wide variety of broadleaf and grassy weeds when used at selective rates in turf and ornamental plantings. Princep Liquid is best when used during the spring or fall before seedlings begin to develope. Refuge Herbicide by Syngenta is designed as a broad-spectrum systemic non-selective herbicide for weed control and vegetation management on lawns, residences, and many other non-crop areas. Refuge can cause severe damage or destruction to any wanted vegetation (including leaves, green stems, or exposed non-woody roots) of trees, and other desirable plants in which treatment in not intended.
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