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Triclopyr 4 2, 4-D Amine Broadleaf Herbicide Wipe Out Broadleaf Weed Killer
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Triclopyr 4 Gallon 2-4D Amine Broadleaf Weed Killer WipeOut Broadleaf Weed Killer
Triclopyr 4E Herbicide from Alligare (generic remedy or garlon 4), is a post-emergent herbicide designed for the control of tough vegetation including woody plants, mesquite, heavy brush, and perennial broad leaf weeds. Triclopyr 4E provides excellent selective control of weeds with no impact on grasses.

Alligare 2, 4-D Amine is a wide range selective herbicide for controlling broad leaf weeds in fields and lawns. It is a trans-located systematic post-emergent herbicide. You can spray 2,4-D directly on St. Augustine and other southern grasses and will only kill the weeds.

Wipe Out Broadleaf Weed Killer is a selective, post- emergent herbicide that controls a large array of broadleaf weeds and other plants that are susceptible to 2-4D Amine, the active ingredient in Broadleaf Weed Killer. This product works well in areas such as lawns, non-crop areas, turf, golf courses etc.
Nitrophos Weed and Feed (Trimec) MSM Turf Herbicide Dismiss South Herbicide
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Nitrophos Weed and Feed with Trimec MSM Turf Herbicide Generic Manor 8oz Dismiss South Herbicide
Nitro-Phos Weed & Feed with Trimec herbicide controls growing Broadleaf weeds while feeding your lawn. Covers up to 10,000 sq. ft. 40 lbs bag.
MSM Turf Herbicide from Quali-Pro (generic Manor) with Metsulfuron Methyl is for control of virginia buttonweed and other broadleaf weeds in southern turf grasses. MSM Turf has a very low mix rate making it one of the most economical herbicides for broadleaf weed control. Dismiss South Herbicide from FMC Professesional Solutions is perfect for control of select broadleaf weeds in warm season turfgrass (Except St. Augustinegrass) in many different applications sites. Dismiss South provides a much faster kill of nutsedge than any other product available. Only for use in select states.
Revolver Herbicide Ronstar Granules Specticle 20 WSP
Price $235.65
Revolver Herbicide controls many tough-to-control grassy weeds such as Poa annua (Annual bluegrass), goose grass, clumpy ryegrass and tall fescue. This product is readily absorbed by foliage, where is stops production of three key amino acids. Cell division and growth stop within hours. Ronstar G controls weeds through shots, not roots, so unlike competitive products that don't distinguish between roots of weeds and roots of desirable plants, Ronstar doesn't harm healthy turf. This product can be applied to sensitive grasses and areas when roots are already weakened by winterkill, pests, or injury. Ronstar G is not suitable for home lawns, but can be used in residential landscape areas such as ornamental beds. This product is comparable to Quali-Pro Oxadiazon 2G. Specticle 20 WSP is a pre-emergent herbicide offering superior control of over more than 80 grasses, broadleaf weeds and annual sedges. This product offers unsurpassed residual at low use rates - up to 40 times less than current standards. Specticle will provide three to eight months of residual control. Also, it will not stain or leave any odor behind after application.
Specticle Flo Specticle Granules Chipco Triton Flo
Specticle Flo is a new tool for pre-emergent weed control, providing broad spectrum control of grassy weeds including Poa annua (annual bluegrass), crabgrass, goosegrass and more than 60 broadleaf weeds. It has a long residual control, which means fewer applications. Specticle has low use rates in effective applications with up to 40 times less active ingredient. Specticle G is a versatile, pre-emergent herbicide that sets a new standard for residual control at the lowest use rates on the market. It helps maintain premium, weed-free landscape beds for the entire growing season. It is one of the most effective tools in any turf manager's arsenal. It provides up to 6 months of broad spectrum control against more than 90 broadleaf and grassy weeds, plus annual sedges. Lastly, Specticle is convenient, non-standing, and has a low-odor granular formulation. Chipco Triton Flo is so versatile its the next generation of fungicide technology. This product can be used to control most disease situations just about everywhere - especially om roughs, greens, tees and fairways. It even works under stressful summer conditions, when other fungicides simply don't. It provides both broad spectrum disease control and systemic control from root to tip.
2-D Herbicide Broadleaf Weed Killer 3-D Herbicide Triplet Alternative Celsius WG Herbicide
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Price $99.89

2D Herbicide Clopyralid Triclopyr Gallon 3-D Herbicide Triplet Alternative Broadleaf Weed Herbicide
2-D Broadleaf Herbicide from Quali-Pro (generic Confront Dow Agrosciences) with chlorpyralid and triclopyr is a contact post-emergent weed killer that will control annual and perennial broadleaf weeds 3-D Broadleaf Herbicide from Quali-Pro (generic Triplet) with dicamba, 2,4-D and Mecoprop-P can be used to control clover, dandelions, henbit and many other broadleaf weeds in non-residential lawns. Celsius WG Herbicide from Bayer provides great knockdown of a wide variety of difficult broadleaf and grassy weeds. Celsius WG is also unique because it can be used on many southern grasses (including St. Augustine) without worry of damaging desirable turf.
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