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Riptide Mosquito Concentrate Vector-Ban Plus Mosquito Misting Chemical PyroFos 1.5 ULV
Price $101.99

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Price $127.99

Riptide Misting Concentrate VectorBan Plus Mosquito Misting Chemical Pyrofos 15 ULV Dursban
Riptide Mosquito Misting ULV is a water-based Pyrethrin ULV insecticide for use in automatic mosquito misting systems. Riptide delivers effective control and quick knockdown of mosquitoes and other flying insects. 1/2 Gallon of riptide is required for each refill of your misting system. Riptide may also be used for ULV applications with a fogger in commercial buildings. VectorBan Plus 64oz is one of the best insecticides for use in automatic mosquito misting machines. Vector Ban Plus will control spiders unlike other misting system chemicals. Indoor applications can be made to bedding, floors and base boards as a broadcast spray for fleas and bed bugs. PyroFos 1.5 ULV is an excellent ULV or thermal fogging material to control adult mosquitos. Containing 19.4% Chlorpyrifos, or Dursban, PyroFos is one of the last organophosphates left on the market.
Vectorban 64oz B&G My-Ti-Lite 2300 Fogger B&G Ultra Lite 2400 Fogger
Price $56.99
Price $190.00
Price $250.00
Vectorban Mosquito Pesticide B&G My-Ti-Lite 2300 Fogger B&G Ultra Lite 2400 Fogger
Vector-Ban may be used in misting machines, homes, commercial buildings and animal quarters to control mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, flies and mites. Indoor applications can be made to bedding, floors and base boards. Vector-Ban is also used for outdoor applications to turf and pet quarters. This product has a great knock down, strong repellent and excellent residual.

The B&G My Ti Lite 2300 Foggers are used for flying insect control around the world. They are ideal for commercial and residential accounts because of their compact size, and stability.

B&G Ultra Lite 2400 Foggers are used for insect control inside and out. They are ideal for commercial and residential accounts because of their compact size, and stability. Ultra Lite Foggers allow you to produce droplets from 20 to 56 microns in size with a variable dial.

B&G Portable ULV Aerosol Unit Actisol Compact ULV Machine Actisol Perimeter Pro
Price $650.00
Price $1,199.99

Price $1,399.99
B&G Portable ULV Aerosol Unit

B&G Portable ULV Aerosol Foggers give you the ability to combine liquid and aerosol applications with one tool. They can be adjusted to spray almost any insecticide from a stream spray to a ULV fog.

Actisol Compact ULV Machine combines a small volume of insecticide with a large volume of air and then becomes atomized in the special nozzle at the end of the Actisol wand. This special application of an insecticide allows the Actisol Compact ULV Machine to help you reach target insects that may be much further hidden than other target pests that you could reach with standard equipment.  Actisol Perimeter Pro combines portability with the application power of a spray rig. Thanks to the Actisol Perimeter Pro, your spray rig is no longer confided to the back of your truck, it goes where you go! The Actisol Perimeter Pro helps you service large facilities with ease. The Actisol Perimeter Pro allows you to take your rig where it has never gone before!
Automatic Mosquito Misting System IGR Fogger Pyrethrin Fogger
Price $1,099.99

Price $13.99

Price $14.50

FMC IGR Insect Fogger PCO Fogger
Automatic Mosquito Misting system consisting of a durable black 55 gallon drum or 125 gallon tank, on the top of which is mounted a high pressure pump, pressure manifold, gauge, half horsepower electric motor, and system control box. IGR Fogger with Pyridine from FMC Professesional Solutions is one of the most effective foggers out there for control of both preadult and adult insects.  Pyrethrin Fogger from FMC Professesional Solutions with dual synergized Pyrethrins for a much faster kill. Its organic foundation makes it perfect for use in homes, hospitals, and schools.
Misting System Nozzle w/ Union Mistaway Gen 1.3 W/ F-kit 90103 Mistaway Gen II 90525 (w/smartcap)
Price $14.99
Price $1,399.99

Price $1,799.99
Mosquito Misting System Nozzle/Unions Mistaway Gen 1-3 Mosquito Misting System Mistaway Gen II Mosquito Misting System
Mistaway Gen 1.3 Mosquito Misting Systems are the entry level Mistaway system. Each system is self contained on a 55 gallon HDPE drum treated for chemical resistance and has an agitator to ensure chemical suspension. A controller allows for manual remote operation of your misting system when you need an extra dose of mosquito killing power. Mistaway Gen 2 Mosquito Misting Systems were the first tankless mosquito misting system designed. The entire system is fully enclosed to ensure no tampering once installed. There is no need for a bulky tank as misting system chemical is sucked directly out of the bottle.
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